Homiletics Symposium 2019

Liz Shercliff brings us news of the Homiletics Symposium 2019, which SCM Press will be supporting.

The Homiletics Symposium 2019 follows on from the very successful symposium held in 2016, also organised by the College of Preachers. This year we bring together researchers and teachers of preaching from across a range of church traditions to talk about their work. Whether you are looking for ways to teach new preachers, or are keen to find out about some of the latest research in the field, this is the symposium for you. If you preach regularly and wonder how to involve your congregation in sermons, come to hear how one preacher did it. If you are new to preaching, or are a student of homiletics, come to hear some new thinking. The morning will focus on research in homiletics, while the afternoon session will concentrate on teaching.

Speakers will include Rev Dr Kate Bruce (Igniting the Heart); and Rev Dr Jason Boyd (The Naked Preacher),

The Symposium will take place on 22nd February 2019 at The Nazarene College, Didsbury, Manchester, which can be reached by public transport or car.

You can register here.


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